Teach your flyers how to PULL UP and control their bodies!  You can also create some great conditioning drills for jumps, overall fitness, and of course pulling their positions.



Flyer Complete is an all-inclusive package that allows you to condition your flyers!  Best of all it teaches them how to PULL UP!

Have you every or had a coach tell your athlete to STAY TIGHT, PULL UP, LOCK YOUR KNEE, SQUEEZE YOUR BUTT… If so this product is for you!  Not only will it allow your athlete to practice any where.  It will allow you and your athlete to get in a full work out when your not practicing your cheerleading positions.  You can also mix and match this great assortment of tubing to use it for jump drills!  Need a different resistance?  Just order a stronger set or use the tubing from your Stunt Double Training Device.  We want your athletes to improve and stay safe while getting stronger and developing with proper technique.  It is hard to break bad habits so why not great great ones from the beginning.

The Flyer Complete is an all inclusive package that allows the FLYER to be COMPLETE.  Your athlete can work on flexibility, Stamina, Jumps, Power production, and of course what all coaches yell about!  PULL UP and STAY TIGHT.  With the FLYER COMPLETE you can do all of this and so much more!

A great product to get with this set up is the mobility balls.  They are a great tool for helping athletes loosen up and break up facial tissue.  You can also place them on the ground and use them as a balancing tool!  Looking for even more great things to pair with this?  Add in the foot glides for even more drills and conditioning to help your athlete improve!

Get your FLYER COMPLETE today!  The extra work will help your athlete and their TEAM soar to the TOP.

Different package options but the standard option is:  1-Stretching Strap, 2-Handles, 2-Wrist Straps, 2-Foot Straps, 2-19″ tubing (very light), 1-15″ tubing (very light).

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 23.6875 x 11.75 x 3 in

Very Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy

TUBING STRENGTH 15" or 12" (single)

Very Light 12", Light 12", Very Light 15", Light 15"

Mobility Ball

Orange Level 1 (pair), Blue Level 2 (pair), none


pair, none


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