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Jump / Stunt / Tumbling Power


Power Belt is an apparatus that straps around the athlete’s waist and has built in tubing that attaches to the ankles and wrists. This allows for the athlete to work on their explosiveness and is a great tool for improving power and endurance with tossing skills.  It also helps improve strength and explosiveness with tumbling, jumps, and fitness routines.  Train against resistance and improve your power production.  The more power you have the faster your skills improve!  As you become a more powerful athlete, change out the tubing strength or purchase another set so you can have multiple resistances while training.  It’s not about the weight you are moving, it is about how fast and efficiently you can move the weight or perform your skill.

The Power Belt will also exaggerate any imperfections you may have during your skills or training.  This is useful as an athlete as you will now feel where you can put your attention to improve.  It also shows your coach where you may need to spend a little extra time drilling to soar to the next level!


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