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Mobility Ball Level 1


The ACUMOBILITY ball is an All-in-One tool for mobility and stability exercises as well recovery enhancement.

Other mobility balls require you to roll over the muscle, but the ACUMOBILITY Ball is designed with a non-slip base that can be gripped or supported against a flat surface, while a patent pending flexion point allows the ball to isolate and maintain pressure on a specific spot deep in the muscle.

This controlled and isolated pressure allows you to fire and release the muscle while on the ball to neurologically retrain it to move more efficiently, while enhancing range of motion and muscle elasticity = a technique we call Active Mobilization.

The Result: enhanced length, greater power, improved performance, less injuries.

The LEVEL 1 Ball is the go to ball for trigger point release and stability exercises and is firm enough for most deep pressure release.

Use two Mobility balls for vice like compression, perfect spacing on the spine, and stability exercises.

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