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Kipping Set Up – Double 48”


19″ Tubing – Extra Light (Double pair) – can be taken apart and used for other exercises such as resisted and assisted leg raises.

Please note that there are many uses for the double 19″ but when using it for glide or kipping drills you must keep an eye on the carabiners so they do not damage your bars. If solely for Glide/Kip we recommend getting the 48″ tubing and removing the risk!

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PF – ChinBloc 2

Chin Bloc’s are produced by Perfecta Flip and are now made with and adjustable neck strap!  If you are have athletes constantly throw their head back or are having a hard time finding the correct head position in their skills then Perfecta Flip’s Chin Bloc is for you.  Great for individual use or team drills.  Get yours today by visiting Perfecta Flip’s website. Lots of great videos and tutorials for tumbling.  Use the code StuntDouble to receive a special offer on Perfecta Flip’s products and services!

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15 minute Conditioning and Stretch Routine – Version 1


15 minute workout and stretch routine for the end of practice.  Finishing with conditioning and stretching will help your athletes soar to new levels.  We are making it easier by putting everything to time and cues.  Now you can focus on the athletes and their form!

Keep working hard!

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