Subscription Billing Agreement

Please read this Agreement carefully before setting up your subscription (automatic recurring payment). Please verify that all information provided is complete and accurate when purchasing subscriptions.

Frequency of Payments.
An automatic recurring payment will be made every month (“Monthly Payment”) for renewal of your subscription on a recurring basis. You will also receive a post-payment confirmation email following all automatic recurring payments. For example, if your subscription requires a $30 per month payment, and your on month free trail period ends on March 1, the first recurring Quarterly Payment of $30 will be made on March 1. Your next automatic recurring payment in the amount of $30 would occur on April 1. You will not receive any advance notice of this payment but you will receive post-payment confirmation by email.

Automatic Recurring Payment Failure.
If your automatic recurring payment is declined, you will be contacted by phone or email. We may permanently restrict your ability to use a certain payment method if that payment method fails multiple times. REMEMBER: If your Automatic Recurring Payment fails, you will need to replenish your account with another payment method. In the event any payment is not made and you do not make a payment by the end of your billing cycle, your service may be suspended or cancelled.

Cancellation of Automatic Recurring Payment.
You have the right to withdraw your consent to this Automatic Recurring Payment at any time. To cancel your Automatic Recurring Payment, call Stunt Double Cheer at 617-851-6665. Your request to cancel your Automatic Recurring Payment may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Reestablishing Automatic Recurring Payment.
If you wish to reestablish your Automatic Recurring Payment, you may do so via your account (if current subscription has been paused) or by simply re-purchasing a subscription via the shop.  If you are unable to reestablish your subscription, contact

Changing Automatic Recurring Payment.
If you would like to change your Automatic Recurring Payment including, for example, making a change from one credit or debit card that was initially selected to another credit or debit card or bank account, you may do so via your PayPal account settings.

Access to Agreement.
To access this Agreement in the future through the Stunt Double Cheer website, go to the home page footer navigation and click on “Subscription Billing Agreement”.  If you are viewing this Agreement on the Stunt Double Cheer website, please print a copy of this Agreement for future reference.

By providing my credit, or debit card or bank account information (“Payment Method”), I AGREE that I have read and understand this Automatic Recurring Payment Agreement. In addition, I authorize Stunt Double Cheer to charge the full amount required by my rate plan (once every month or more frequently as described) to the specified Payment Method; and I authorize the financial institution for the Payment Method, specified above to charge or debit my account and remit payment for my donation to Stunt Double Cheer. This authority will remain in effect until I give notification, as required under this Agreement, to terminate this authorization.