“The possibilities of uses are endless and stunt double updates its customers weekly with new and exciting ways to use their tools.

Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!”

– Anonymous

“Safety in any facility is paramount; this equipment allows athletes to learn in an environment without sacrificing personal or other athlete safety all while executing proper technique and core stability.”

– Anonymous

“The uses of this equipment are endless; conditioning for jumping, stunting and tumbling.. Not to mention a great tool for specialty classes and injured athletes. By having the Stunt Double equipment we have been able to generate additional revenue streams by 30%!”

– Anonymous

“At Absolute Cheer and Tumbling, we are passionate about core strength and precise technique.

After having used the Stunt Double, Tumble/Jump/Stunt Power and tumbling loops for 2 months, the visible improvements are unparalleled to any other equipment on the market.”

– Sonja